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At CouveClean LLC we use only professional window cleaning tools to do our job. The only items we will place on the window are; specialty mops, squeegee rubber, bronze wool, 0000 steel wool, microfiber cloths and other fabric towels, professional window scrapers*, nylon/boars hair bristle brushes, and our window cleaning solution. When windows are professionally cleaned it may make pre-existing scratches more visible.  This page will give you a preview of the waiver and more information on the tools we use.

*Scrapers are used in major paint removal projects and in other rare situations.


Our mops apply our professional solution to the window. It does the initial agitation of dirt and most of the light cleaning.

Bronze Wool

Bronze or 0000 steal wool pads are abrasive enough to buff most of the grime off the windows but fine enough to be impossible to scratch glass.


What steal wool can't get off we will have to scrape off. We don't use scrapers on most jobs and the use of them may come at a premium.


Once the window is completely clean we will use our specialty squeegees to remove the solution and dirt from the window.

Water Fed Pole

Our water fed pole system uses deionized water to scrub and clean the windows. In some cases it may be a full solution for exterior cleaning.

Click on document to preview. To request PDF documents latest licenses and insurance please contact us.

CouveClean is now registered as a effective June 1, 2019

Effective 08/01/2019 we will no longer serve Multnomah county or anywhere in Oregon. Contact with questions.

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