Window Cleaning for Business

Storefront Route Cleaning


Route work is setup on a scheduled and frequent basis. Usually preformed on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning cycle. Business who go with this path want their windows looking perfect all of the time. Clean windows give a great first impression of a establishment and make the overall atmosphere more welcoming. This is why businesses such as retail, eatery, and other heavily visited places go with route cleaning. Frequency recommendations will depend on foot traffic, geographic location, and business type.

Commercial Project Cleaning


Commercial accounts differ from storefronts due to two main factors.  Being less customer foot-traffic and the building type. Commercial accounts are typically quarterly or bi-annually accounts. These building don’t need as frequent care but still thrive on looking great for the people who interact with them. Common commercial accounts are office buildings, healthcare establishments, warehouses, and other general purpose business properties.  

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